12 Volt LED Grow Light Kit
NEW DIY LED Grow Light Kit:
  • Uses 256 High Brightness 5mm LEDs
  • 12V DC operation only (11-14V operation range)
  • Draws just 16 watts (1.4 amps)
  • 100,000 hour lifetime (18 hrs/day, 365 days/year, for 15 years!) If an LED burns out, you can
    buy a replacement at Radio Shack!
  • Measures 5.9” x 5.3” x 0.5”
  • 6 mounting holes around the periphery
  • Silent, virtually cool operation (compared to 400+ degrees of an HID)
  • High quality US made LED's (NOT Chinese!)

You asked for it, and we listened!  This special grow light operates on 12 volts DC.  This is perfect
for those running "off the grid" using 12V batteries and solar cells!

The most popular and recommended light for all purpose growing is the 25% blue.  For faster
vegetative growth, consider the 50 or 75% blue light.  For maintenance of current growth and
additional power to help support fruiting, consider the 100% red light
Includes everything you need to build your own 12V Grow Light
(minus solder and soldering iron)

25% blue 75% red kit:  $40.00
Recommended!  (Any quantity up to 20)
(Shipping outside of the US will cost extra.  Please contact us for a shipping quote)
NEW 12V DC Kit Pricing:
100% red kit:
(Any quantity up to 20)

50% red 50% blue kit:  $45.00
(Any quantity up to 20)

25% red 75% blue kit:  $50.00
(Any quantity up to 20)

100% blue kit**:  $55.00
(Any quantity up to 20)
**Requires 14V power supply
Discontinued.  Printed circuit boards may be
purchased for $5 each, plus shipping in the US.

(Circuit boards will come with original
instructions and nothing else.  You supply LEDs
and resistors.)
Bare Circuit Board
Out of stock